Avoid False Promises Of Credit Repair Companies

Avoid False Promises

If it sounds too good to be true when it comes to credit repair companies, it is probably false. On most occasions, the promises that credit repair companies make in fixing your credit reports is unrealistic. Do not fall for these empty stories and avoid false promises. If you trust these companies, there is a huge likelihood that your identity can be stolen. Prior to repairing your credit, you might need to do the following things:

Obtain A New Identity

Companies might try to persuade you to create a completely new identity. They will try to explain that in creating a new identity you will be able to fix your bad credit history. This should turn on the red flag. You must know that it is not possible for you to create a duplicate identity. It is illegal for you to obtain a new social security number in your name.

Submitting Wrong Information

Do not fall for companies that will ask you to submit wrongful information when regarding your purchases. Some companies will ask you to do this so that information can dispute, and bad histories can be rectified to reflect a better look on your credit report history. Remember that this is fraudulent, and although it might sound ideal it is completely illegal. A good company should only ask you to improve your bad history by changing spending habits.

Paying For Your Credit Report

Under a few conditions, you might be able to obtain a credit report without bearing any charges towards your credit repair company. It will take you 60 days to obtain your credit report for free after a credit card application is denied. If you find errors on this credit report, you will have to get it disputed with the information provider or a credit-reporting agency.

Keep in mind that any agency or individual cannot remove bad history on your credit report.  You need to pick a top credit repair company like Lexington Law Firm to help you clean up your bad credit score.  Following the rules on deleting an error from your credit report is the only way to do it. However you are not alone. Credit repair companies will know the process better and can accelerate it. Just be aware of companies that request you to obtain a new identity, ask you to submit wrongful information, promise you unrealistic things, and ask you to pay them before the problem is disputed.

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