• Averages Over 11 Removals in 4 Months
  • Offers a Simple 3-Step Repair Program
  • Has Been Helping Consumers Since 1997
  • Costs $89.95 per Month w/ $12.99 Per Report
  • Call for Free Consultation: (888) 586-9123 Reviews is a predominantly online company offering credit repair help. They have a simple process to remove negative items from your credit report including late payments, collections, charge offs, liens, bankruptcies, repos, foreclosures and judgments. They will contact the three major credit bureaus on your behalf to remove negative items, thereby raising your credit score. Also included in their fees are credit monitoring services, watching for unauthorized activity on you credit report which can negatively affect your credit score for many years. Identity theft is major problem and this credit monitoring can provide an extra level of protection. Simple Process will challenge the questionable and negative items on your credit report on your behalf once they receive the credit reports from you from the three main credit bureaus. They provide a comprehensive dashboard online, which is personalized for you, tracking your credit score as it increases when negative items are removed. This gives you the ultimate in convenience and user friendly service. You will always be able to see your progress when you are online.

What Makes Unique?

More and more people are relying on mobile applications to add levels of convenience to their lives. saw this trend and developed an excellent mobile application that is easy to use and full of useful information. For example, the app to allow you to track your progress on the go, monitor your credit, receive alerts about your credit score and easily access your credit reports.

Available Features at

CardSafe is available for $39.95/yr (in addition to’s membership fee). This feature can be added to gain immediate security for your financial accounts and credit cards. ChildSecure is a unique program offered by that protects your children from identity theft. Credit Score Alerts comes with the membership at This enables members to see how their credit ratings are affected by life events, such as buying a vehicle or home. Obtaining your Credit Scores is also included in the membership fee. You are able to receive two free credit reports monthly, sent to your email inbox. You will be able to view your public records, credit inquiries and accounts as well.

What Does Cost? has varying levels of costs. You can expect to pay around $89.95 per month with additional fees of $12.99 Per Report. What’s nice about this fee structure is that you are only paying for exactly what you need, and not paying above and beyond that. Because they offer the per report concept, maintains its status as a unique and competitive credit repair company. The value is certain: is proud of the fact that they can show that their program works. Their proven results show that the work they put in on your behalf will reap benefits, removing an average of 11.6 negative items from your credit report within only 4 months!

Final Review of CreditRepair.Com is almost predominantly an online company offering credit repair help. Their online dashboard has a score tracker in addition to analysis of your credit report and suggestions to improve your score beyond only the removal of the negative items. The text and email alerts provide information to you on the go. They offer a mobile app to track the progress of your credit repair that provides easy access for its clients. The monthly fee also includes TransUnion credit monitoring during the duration of the program. Advisors are available by phone to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you for reading our reviews.

Our Rating: 4.6/5
Customer Rating:
Reviewer: Rebecca Harris
Last modified: June 25, 2015

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  1. offers awesome credit repair services! I signed up wanting to get something removed. Instead of stringing me along, they told me upfront that it would be better for me to wait for the late notice to just expire. They refunded me and then voila, four months later the notice disappeared on its own!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. I feel a lot better about my finances and my ability to improve my credit in the near future. Your personal reassurances are so much better than an impersonal email from a faceless staff member. I know now that I’m not alone and I can work toward improving my financial situation with your help. All too often, customer service is sorely lacking. That is definitely not the case with I know that you guys really care about helping me, and your professionalism and empathy for my situation are exactly what I need.

  3. All of the staff at has patiently worked with me to improve my financial habits and rebuild my credit. I never imagined how much my credit could improve by taking just a few simple steps.

  4. When I started the program, my credit score was barely 500. After working with, my credit score has definitely improved. There’s no doubt that has made all of the difference in the world.

  5. The economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 wreaked havoc on everyone, including my job and my home. With a bankruptcy and a foreclosure on my credit history, I didn’t think that anything could be done to fix my credit. The problem came to a head when I tried to purchase a car last year, and I realized just how bad my credit score had become. I signed up with, desperate to remedy my situation. After only three short months, my credit score had rebounded substantially. Another three months, and I was in a position to get a car loan at a reasonable rate. My only regret is that I waited so long to call and get help.

  6. You are doing so well at helping people like me work toward their financial goals! My credit score is way better now than it has ever been in the past and I plan to keep it that way!

  7. I was up for a new job in the financial industry. I did not get the job by not for reasons you would think. I was fully qualified in the number one choice, however some poor decisions in my past meant that my credit or put me at risk. I did not qualify for the position because of my credit score, so I turned to to help me fix the problems so that I could eventually begin working in the financial industry. The plan they gave me to restore my credit score was simple and I will see results within a year.

  8. After years of having great credit, being without a job for almost a year tanked my score. I found, and have worked with them for a year to get everything back where it needed to be. It’s worth every penny!

  9. is really a first-rate company for anyone looking to deal with credit repair issues. The team really did a great job in raising my scores with all of the agencies through their knowledge and expertise in dealing with the credit agencies.

  10. My husband’s credit wasn’t the best, and we got turned down for an apartment due to a collection account on his credit from a shady apartment complex that sent him to collections. I couldn’t believe we were about to be homeless because of some stupid fraudulent $700 account! That’s why I decided to turn to for some assistance. I’m really glad that I did this because the entire team was professional and responsive. They gave me all the assurances that I needed because of their extensive knowledge within the credit repair industry. About a month into the process, we started getting letters from the credit bureaus stating things have been deleted. That shady collection account vanished, poof! The best part was that I didn’t even have to pay it! Now I’m in good standing credit and I can afford a place to live! I’m very happy with

  11. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I did everything I could to help my family, including ruining my credit. With help from we fixed my credit and now I can be more financially responsible.

  12. I’m totally impressed with the services that provided to me. There’s a lot to be said about just how easy it is to work with the company. I’m happy I discovered them though because it means that I was able to take the worry out of my life.

  13. At first I was unsure about investing in service. I wasn’t too keen on paying someone else to clean up something I could do for free. But I’m really glad that I decided to move forward because they did the work for me and made it as seamless as ever!

  14. I was very, very, very skeptical when I first heard about I’ve always been told that cleaning up your credit report requires years of hard work. Boy was I wrong about that! The very committed and fast working folks at are like wizards of credit. All they have to do is wave their magic wand and your credit score is repaired! They have been able to do some damage control in just a couple months. I’ve accomplished more in 2 months than I have been able to accomplish in 5 years! My credit score is higher than it has been in a very long time, and it’s all because of! This company is legit, and the services they provide are extraordinary!

  15. I was very hesitant to sign up with because I frankly don’t trust any credit repair service. But I’m able to say that has been doing a great job! Each month, my credit score just gets better and better!

  16. After years of trying to restore my credit on my own, I never got anywhere. On time payments, paying off collections, etc. didn’t seem to help me at all, so I called They got my excellent results in no time.

  17. offers awesome credit repair services! I signed up wanting to get something removed. Instead of stringing me along, they told me upfront that it would be better for me to wait for the late notice to just expire. They refunded me and then voila, four months later the notice disappeared on its own!

  18. If you have a bad credit score, you may still be able to qualify for things like credit cards and loans, but you will pay for it in higher fees and interest rates. Save yourself money over the long term and go talk to the people They will help you repair your credit which will save you a great deal of money in the long run. Don’t expect full credit repair overnight, however, it is great for long-term financial planning purposes. I worked with them a couple of years ago, and have never been more financially stable in my life.

  19. I wanted to help my son pay for college, because the financial aid the school had to offer wasn’t going to be enough. I couldn’t qualify for loans as a parent, because of my credit score. I couldn’t get a second mortgage to help cover the cost, either. I felt terrible. My parents helped him with undergraduate school, and in the mean time, I turned to the wonderful people at I was able to help with graduate school no problem! I don’t know what I would have done without their help. I saw my credit score jump 100 points in less than a year!

  20. I’m so impressed with everything has to offer. From their customer service to the amazing results I saw in little to no time, everything was right on the money. is definitely the gold standard for credit repair.

  21. Thanks to’s truly incredible credit repair services, now every month, I’m able to make one low payment and I just kick back and watch my credit score go up, up and away. If you want to be able to say this too, you should really give a call.

  22. Last year, I went to apply for a car loan and the rate was 20%. That’s when I decided it was time to take control of my credit but I couldn’t go it alone. has been amazing. They are doing a wonderful job working through my credit issues and I would refer anyone to them.

  23. I really cannot believe that in only two months, about 25% of the negative marks on my credit report have been removed. Sure, I still have some things to tackle, but just these deletions have brought my score up dramatically!

  24. Using credit cards seems like all fun and games until you realize that every coffee and bagel, every cab ride and every shirt you got on sale really starts to add up. When I first started using credit cards, my credit was great. But I soon realized how easy it was to get yourself into a heap of trouble and how equally difficult it is to get out of that trouble. You don’t have to go through it alone, however. Companies offer credit repairs services for just this type of trouble. While there are plenty of these types of companies out there, I speak from experience when I say that is a stellar one. From my first meeting with one of their dedicated paralegals, I knew I was in good hands. They really took the time to get to know me and understand how I needed my situation approached. Even better is that they offered several pricing structures so I can assure you that there’s a plan that will fit your budgetary needs. I thought I was alone in my debt struggle, but reminded me that I’m not. They were with me every step of the way and helped me get back on a plan that got me out of my financial hole and on my way to freedom again. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking financial guidance and credit repair.

  25. is a lifesaver. They approved me quickly for my loan and direct-deposited the full amount into my checking account with no fuss. It was easy, fast, and painless! They helped me out of a tough situation.

  26. I tried to repair my credit on my own. I had a really hard time. The debt companies were dishonest. taught me that credit repair should only be handled by professionals you can trust.

  27. I couldn’t make my student loan payment last month, and saved me. All I had to do was fill out their easy forms, and the money was wired right to my checking account. is the best…hands-down!

  28. Applying for a loan is never an attractive process. You have to give all of that personal information. You wait forever for the lender to make a decision. You’re charged outrageous fees and interest rates. Well, I am pleased to say that with, all that has changed! Intrusive data collecting, long decision times, and overblown charges and interest are now things of the past. has made applying for and attaining a loan a simple and fast process that won’t break your budget. This company is the best of its kind, and I am proud to do business with them!

  29. is the best in the business! You will not find a more reliable and transparent service. They helped me out of a bind, and the whole procedure was fast and straightforward. Thank you so much,!

  30. Thanks to, I was able to buy my first new car. My credit score is now higher than I ever imagined it would be, and this has put me in a better financial position on many different levels.

  31. Many people think that they can repair their own credit, but soon enough they realize that they are not making any progress. I was one of these people a year back, but I came around to see that there was help to be had. There are a lot of companies that were willing to give me the assistance I required, but none had as much to offer as The nice thing about is that they did not judge me. They did not care that I made mistakes in the past. All they wanted to do was help me get my life back on track, and this is exactly what happened along the way. It was a long road to a better future, but soon enough I was feeling good about myself. Not only did help me along the way, but they gave me some tips on what I could do down the road to avoid the same trouble. When you add all this up, I am glad I decided to get involved with They saved my financial life, and for that I am thankful.

  32. There are things that you need to know about, and they can tell you once you contact them online or by phone. All you need to know now is that they will help you repair your credit.

  33. I used creditrepair com for almost two years. These people understand the situation you are in and how to help you improve your credit score. Because of my new and improved credit score we are able to buy a house. I didn’t want to move to another rental because we are in our 40s and I thought we were spending the same on rent that we would on a mortgage. Of course in order to qualify to make a reasonable down payment to buy a house, we had to get our credit score in check. Credit repair services are a dime a dozen so you really have to do your homework and carefully choose the company that’s right for you. I read a lot of good things about creditrepair com and called them. The rep could not have been nicer and went over how we would see our credit score go up. These people care about their clients and take the time to educate them on things that will prevent debt and keep their credit score looking great. I think teaching people these tools is the best part besides seeing our credit score rise, which put us on track to buy our house. creditrepair com works.

  34. creditrepair com understands that a lot of people, from all walks of life, struggle with credit card debt. Because of this, you have a lot of people with decent jobs who live paycheck to paycheck and carry a low credit score. Frankly I only had one credit card but it came with a big balance when I just finished high school. I ran up a little over 10K of credit quickly have tried to pay it down throughout the years, but it seems to never go away. creditrepair com helped me get my credit debt under control and it allowed me raise my credit score, which is something that adequately reflects where I am in life.

    • Fixing your credit score should be easy. I called and in no time I started to see major improvements to my credit report. I am very happy I made that initial call and got the ball rolling.

  35. My husband has used creditrepair com for credit repair services for almost a year and it has improved his credit tremendously. We will be in a new house within a year, which is music to my years. They are very helpful and understanding too.

  36. just works. I’ve been working with them less than six months and I have already made significant progress on my credit and my score is climbing. knows how to help your credit report.

  37. was the first credit repair company I spoke with about my situation. I did minimal research finding them but I just lucked out because they have been super helpful. Anytime I have a question I call and within four months, I can already see my credit score rising which is what I needed. shows you how to pay off the debt, even if you are not making a lot of money at the time. Paying down the debt is crucial no matter what your income is because your credit can haunt you! Trust me, I know! is worth calling.

  38. Part of tackling your credit debt is understanding just how much you’ve spent and what’s expected of you now. is honest with you from the start and they don’t make a bunch of false promises.

  39. I was skeptical of a credit repair company because I have heard that there are many companies that are scamming people into giving them money and offering no services in return. However, my cousin told me about and how they had helped him improve his credit score by removing negative strikes off of it. So I decided to take his advice and call. I am so happy I did. Not only did they charge less than I thought, but they really did help repair my credit. They work with thousands of creditors to get your credit improved. Very satisfied customer.

  40. My credit is not perfect, but after viewing my credit report I noticed that there was a lot of false information has definitely made it worse. I called because I heard that they specialized in credit repair. It was literally the best financial decision I have ever made. They worked with me and my creditors to remove inaccurate information on my credit report. I am finally starting to see my credit score going up and this makes me quite happy. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is in need of credit repair and other credit services.

  41. I used to have horrible credit, but with the help of, I am seeing an increasing credit score. Now I am able to get approved for loans and credit offers. I am quite satisfied.

  42. I only had one credit card. But the limit was high and it was issued by a bank. I tried everything to get this bank to work with me. I wanted to pay the debt off but I really couldn’t get anyone to work with me. I decided to find a credit repair company that could help me. After some consideration, I went to I explained to them what happened. They understood. They got the results I wanted in less than the time I estimated. They kept me up to date every step of the way. Thank you

  43. The amount of ways you can pay off your debt can get very confusing. All you want to do is just get rid of it, but there are so many ways to do that. I went to confused. I came out a new man. They explained to me in simple terms what my different options were. They also explained what set their company apart from other companies. Once I qualified for their services, they got right to work. I haven’t slept so well in my life. Knowing that they’re handling things makes me confident I’ll be debt free soon.

    • I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Right from the start, I could tell that their staff was knowledgeable and courteous and truly cared about my situation. I would recommend to anyone having credit issues.

  44. After using credit repair companies that over promised and under delivered, really came through when I was about to give up. The were patient, quick, and very kind. That is how a credit repair company is supposed to feel.

  45. When I found out they were downsizing at work, I never thought my job would be eliminated. After nearly a year of unemployment, my finances were a mess. I didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless and afraid. Thanks to, I’m back on my feet again. I was offered a new job recently and was able to make the last payment to my creditors. Hello financial freedom! Goodbye debt! I’ve never been happier. I now pay cash for everything I buy and save money for larger purchases. I’ll never get buried under credit card debt again the way I did when I was out of work.

  46. I don’t know the last time I wasn’t worried about money. I’ve never been good at managing it. My first experience with credit cards were a nightmare. I signed up for a deal that had the highest APR I had ever heard of and was stuck paying a large deposit in order to secure a card in my name. This was all because I didn’t have any established credit at the age of 18. Well, the credit card arrived with a $25 limit on it. That’s because the rest of the card already had a balance on it! Talk about deceiving! I had no idea that I was going to have to go into debt just to establish credit! Things only went from bad to worse from there. taught me what things to look for in the right type of credit card company. They helped me come up with a plan to get out a debt. Through their advice and instruction, I’ve been slowing paying off my debt and establishing credit. I’m making more than the minimum payment and that makes all the difference. I’m hoping to one day be completely debt-free and I’ll have to thank for it!

  47. I was always turned down for a credit card because of my credit. Thanks to creditrepair com, I now not only have a credit card, but I have the car that I’ve been wanting on the car lot.

  48. I thought I was ok, but I was wrong when I went to get a loan. My credit was so bad I couldn’t even afford to get a payday loan when my truck broke down! I ended up walking to work in the snow and that was a wake-up call for me. I called creditrepair com and they helped me get my credit fixed. I now own a new truck because I wrecked the other one, but I wouldn’t have this one, if I didn’t have my credit fixed. creditrepair com is a great asset and company to go to if in trouble.

  49. My credit has never been good and I thought that is how it would always be. not only changed my attitude, but helped me rid myself of bad credit. They are a real company that produce real results.

  50. My wife and I split up. I thought she was perfect when we got married, but it didn’t work. All of our credit was in both our names, so I called to cancel my cards and I found out I couldn’t just have them split our dept. They told me I had to pay them off if she didn’t help. So I knew I needed someone to tell me what to do. I called and they helped me with a plan to pay the cards off. Thanks to, my life is getting better and the future looks good.

  51. I’ve always been the most responsible person. I pay my bills on time. I’ve never late unless there’s an emergency and I always keep my promises. So, when it came time to find a job after college, I was sorely disappointed. I couldn’t find a job in my field! Everywhere I went, they wanted job experience. They valued that over my degree! If I would have known how difficult it was going to be to find work, I would have looked for a few internship experiences while I was in college! Truth be known, I had to take a low paying job for awhile and that really wrecked my credit! I was having the hardest time making ends meet. No matter how hard I tried to avoid using my credit cards, I couldn’t refrain from charging things. After all, how else was I going to eat? When I heard about, I thought I was dreaming. Do credit repair companies really exist? And, more importantly, could they help me dig myself out from the financial black hole I created for myself? The answer is, Yes!. They can help anyone needing credit repair services and they do it with a smile.

  52. provides prompt credit repair services for all sorts of credit problems, including late payments. After I signed up, it was only a matter of weeks before my record was my cleared and my credit score jumped!

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