How We Rank


This is a very important ranking to consider. Companies will have separate pricing points and options for you. Some companies cost more because they gave you more in their services. In this business we found that the better companies do cost a little more and you get your money worth.


It is important to look at the services a company offers. Such as a copy of your credit report as well as how they acquire the documents needed. The reports they give are important as well. Getting results from all 3 credit bureaus is critical to ensure you see everything that is on your credit.

BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau might not be a perfect way to rate a company solely by, but it does give us a very good indication of the companies reputation online.

Customer Opinion

This sites gives customers the ability to leave reviews and ratings. The most important opinions come from our customers. Sharing their experiences with the companies is important information to consider.

Attorney Services

Does the company have a Attorney on staff, it is not required for a credit repair company to have an attorney but is some cases this could be an asset for a lot of customers.

Business Reputation

How long the company has been in business has a major impact on how we judge the company. We also look at items like Financial Standing, companies growth and their ability to scale.