Identity Theft Facts

Identity Theft Knows No Boundaries

Identity Theft Facts

Identity theft is extremely difficult to prevent and has long lasting impacts. Identity thieves are able to strike at any place, any times, and leave no clues as to whom the next victim is or what the latest scam will be. However as a consumer, there are ways that you can defend yourself against identity thieves. Consumer and federal agencies have made it their mission to prevent Identity Theft and fight financial crime. Read on to learn more about what you can do to prevent yourself from identity theft.

Identity Theft Basics

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines identity theft as a federal crime in which a person purposely uses another person’s personal information without permission to commit a crime. Do not be fooled, identity theft is not just an adult crime. According to government officials, child identity theft continues to be a growing concern. Anyone can be an identity thief. The FTC estimates that each year nearly 10 million Americans are victims of identity theft. It can happen to anyone so it is important to know the actions you can take to make sure that it does not happen to you.

Types Of Identity Theft

The Identity Theft Resource Center believes that there are six different types of identity theft. Identity theft crimes come in all different forms including phishing, online identity theft techniques to shoulder surfing, and data breaches. Sometimes there are no footprints when it comes to identity theft, especially online. This makes it difficult to solve because victims usually do not know how there identities were stolen, so it is harder to figure out whom the thief is. If the crime was committed online, it makes it extremely easy for these thieves to stay under the radar and cover their tracks.

Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft prevention starts with educating and making yourself aware of the situation. Knowing the warning signs that your personal information has been stolen will minimize the risks that you will be victim to this type of crime. In addition, there are identity theft protections services that are available. They can monitor your credit reports and other databases that are susceptible to identity theft.  Their is many different services who provide this, but I prefer to have a one stop shot.  The Best Credit Repair Companies who can monitor my credit score as well and clean up credit item from my credit report.

What To Do If You Are Victimized

If you are victim of identity theft, there are many resources that you can turn to for guidance and help. The first step you should take is reporting the crime to the authorities immediately. After you have filed a report and canceled all of your credit cards, taking the necessary steps to restoring your identity and repair the damage done to your credit. The damages after identity theft include a low credit score. People who have identity theft insurance or identity theft protection services, you are usually reimbursed for the expenses related to re-establish your financial identity. To avoid this you should consider turning to a credit monitoring service or a credit repair agency such as Lexington Law. Thank you for reading our Identity Theft Facts.