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  • 14 Years Experience in Credit Repair
  • Helped 100,000+ People Repair Credit
  • Features Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee
  • $19 setup fee, $59 per month
  • Call for Free Quote: (877) 799-8198

The Credit People Reviews

The Credit People is a top credit repair company. Founded in 2001, The Credit People works cooperatively with the three major credit bureaus to remove negative items from your credit report. They are extremely familiar with the process, the players, and the regulations. So they process your credit repair quickly. And because they are so focused on customer service, you can rest assured you will be kept informed as the process unfolds.

What Makes The Credit People Unique?

The Credit People really go out of their way to provide you with a high level of convenience. Other credit repair companies rely on the customer to obtain credit reports from the three credit bureaus. Not The Credit People. They order the reports on your behalf, saving you time and effort, as well as money if you have already utilized your three free credit reports for the year.

The Credit Repair Process

First The Credit People gets to work ordering your credit reports. Once they have the reports, they begin their review and start sending letters to the credit bureaus to remove the negative items on your credit report. This is an ongoing process with updates sent directly to you, showing what changes have been made as well as which negative items remain, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to feel in control of your credit destiny. The Credit People is up to date with the latest credit laws and apply them to their clients’ cases to ensure the best results.

What Does The Credit People Cost?

The fee structure at The Credit people is another differentiators about The Credit People. Their setup fee is only $19. Then, you pay three payments of $99 each, and that’s it. You can rest assured that you know what the expense will be to hire these experts to help repair your credit score. This fixed fee is yet another major factor that makes The Credit People unique.

Final Review of The Credit People

The Credit People have been experts in the Credit Repair industry since 2001. They have exceeded the expectations of over 100,000 clients. They have extreme confidence in their product because they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have a no nonsense flat rate fee. They excel at customer service and communication. Thank you for reading The Credit People Reviews.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Customer Rating:
Reviewer: Rebecca Harris
Last modified: June 30, 2015

40 comments on “The Credit People

  1. I had a delinquency record that was 5 years old. I tried disputing it multiple times, but to no avail. Then I contacted the The Credit People credit repair service company and they managed to get it removed within a matter of weeks. Amazing!

  2. You always respond to my calls in no more than one business day, and usually within the same day. I couldn’t ask for a better personalized service that is tailored to meet my specific needs. Rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach, you really took the time to look at my situation and make recommendations on all of my available options. With The Credit People on my side, I have left my bad credit behind and have moved on to a better, happier, financial future.

  3. By working with The Credit People, I have been able to raise my credit score by about 200 points. This has allowed me to finally take out the loan I needed to get my new business started.

  4. The Credit People has worked so hard to help me repair my credit and get to the point where I can achieve the American Dream by owning my home. I never thought this day would finally come!

    • I greatly appreciate everything that The Credit People has done for me to help restore my good credit. I can already imagine what I will be able to accomplish in the future now that my credit is successfully repaired.

  5. You never know when you’ll need credit. Even when you’ve set yourself up to pay for everything with cash, credit will always come in handy, so it’s important to have it in good standing. My daughter ruined hers early on, and I just wasn’t able to help her out the way I wanted to be able to. So, we decided to look for credit repair companies and found The Credit People. They were so courteous and easy to work with. She’s still in the restoration process, but so far so good. I would recommend them to anyone who has issues they need to repair.

  6. Our financial adviser recommended The Credit People to us to help improve our credit. The entire team was super helpful and their whole team was very informative and positive and treated us very well. I’d recommend them to anyone needing credit help!

  7. After moving across the country unexpectedly I needed a quick way to fix my credit. All hope was lost until I found The Credit People and they were able to help me when nobody else was able to!

  8. When I wanted to buy a boat, my wife said I had to do it on my own because she did not have the credit to cosign for it. When I tried to do it on my own, I did not have the credit. Both of us decided to work with The Credit People so that we could qualify for better financing terms. We have been working with them for six months, and in six more months, we should be to the point where we can reapply for the boat loan either alone or together. I am surprised at how easily the process has been and I really would recommend the company to everyone!

  9. Okay, I’ll admit it! I used to be a very, very dumb kid who went crazy with credit credits. I had so many accounts that I literally lost track of them! Eventually, I managed to get my act together and start paying off all my debts. Once I finally got good control of my money, I then decided to invest in The Credit People’s credit repair service. Mind you, I invested only after doing my due diligence in research. I read all the reviews. I checked the company’s BBB record. I was impressed so I went through with it, and lo and behold, my credit score is climbing! I’m very happy with The Credit People, and I get it an A+!

  10. After years of bad credit I decided to do something about it. With the help of The Credit People I was able to not only fix my credit up but now I am able to refinance my house!

  11. The Credit People’s credit repair services were amazing. They got my monthly payments lowered and cut my interest rates in just the first few months I was a client. I would refer them to anyone going through financial struggle.

  12. Investing in credit repair services has been the best thing I have done for myself. I would recommend The Credit People to everyone that wants to improve their credit score. I will never be able to thank The Credit People enough!

  13. Only a little over a year ago, my credit score was a pathetic 586. Today, it’s at at 722. I cannot believe what The Credit People was able to do with my mountain of debt. Believe me, if they could help me, they can certainly help you.

  14. Credit card debt can be a terribly scary thing. I would know; I was in those shoes. Sometimes, like in my case, you don’t even realize how bad it’s getting until you can’t even afford to make the minimum monthly payments anymore. Perhaps you lost your job, perhaps you ran into some unexpected expenses. Maybe you were injured. Whatever the case may be, you’re not alone. The Credit People recognizes and understands the struggles you face. That’s why I chose them when I decided it was time to take action rather than sit idly by watching my credit score plummet. From the moment I first called, I’ve had the greatest experience with the credit repair services offered by The Credit People. They know exactly what needs to get done in order to remove negative items from your credit report and they do it quickly and they do it well. I had 3 negative remarks deleted from my credit report in just the first 2 months I was using The Credit People’s services. In addition, they were able to combine all my monthly payments into just one! This made things a lot easier for me. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet and your credit is suffering, call The Credit People ASAP. You won’t regret it.

  15. All I can say about The Credit People is THANK YOU! I really had no idea what to do when I first realized just how bad my credit was. But, The Credit People was able to get my score up in a respectable range within just months time.

  16. When I first called The Credit People, my credit was awful due to some pretty poor decision making when I was younger. I did a little research on some credit repair services and came across The Credit People and dediced to give them a shot. They have gotten 22 out of 34 of the negative items on my credit report removed which made my score skyrocket!

  17. I wanted to buy a house. But I couldn’t. I needed to repair my credit first. Credit People did the job for me. Now I can get a mortgage without a really high interest rate. Thanks.

  18. My car died on me in the dead of winter, and I needed a cash advance on my paycheck in order to fix it. The Credit People had the money in my checking account the next day, and I had my car back soon after! Whew!

  19. It can be a challenge to get your life back on track if your financial situation has taken a turn for the worse. My credit score was in the 500 range, so I knew I needed help. This is why I contacted thecreditpeople. I heard good things about them from a family member, and they were right. The nice thing about contacting thecreditpeople is that they never judged me. They felt good about helping me, no matter how bad things appeared. In the end, my score moved up quite a bit and that has helped me in so many ways.

  20. If you feel that your credit is damaged upon repair, one of the first things you should consider is contacting a repair company. But do you know which one is best for you? Do you know where to start? If you are like many, you will search the internet. Don’t waste too much time, but instead give thecreditpeople a second look. This company has what it takes to help you improve your situation today. They were able to give me a strategy to follow, and it worked. I owe a lot to the team at thecreditpeople.

  21. We have used credit repair services from The Credit People for a year and our credit has improved ten-fold. These are the people you need on your side when trying to get out of debt and repair your credit.

  22. I was looking for credit repair services that could help me with my credit score before I try to buy a home next year. I know friends who used The Credit People which is what prompted me to call them. What I loved is how nice they treated me from the beginning and you never got the impression they are trying to upsell you. That goes a lot way with me and there are other credit repair services that make you feel like cattle. The Credit People isn’t one of those companies and that’s why I made the time to recommend them to others looking for these services.

  23. I like working with The Credit People and I really believe they’re the best of the credit repair services available. These people don’t string you along and they understand how to treat customers who are struggling and help you.

  24. I am thrilled The Credit People has been able to make things easy for me. I was overwhelmed with my credit report but I want to buy a home soon so it was time to get it together. The Credit People laid out what I could do so I could get on the right track.

  25. I cannot believe how easy The Credit People made my credit repair process. It isn’t easy but with them in your corner it makes things a lot easier and The Credit People knows the ins and outs.

  26. I have always been careful to avoid scams on the internet. So when I saw an ad for the credit people online I was immediately skeptical. However, after reading the reviews, I decided to give them a call and see if they could potentially help me fix my credit. I am really glad that I did call. They work with all of my creditors to remove negative and inaccurate information that has been bogging down my credit report. With the help of the credit people, my credit score is improving. I am now recommending it to all my family and friends so they know that they do have options when it comes to credit repair.

  27. I am doing my best to gain control of my debt. I need my credit report to reflect that I am reliable enough to buy property in the next couple of the years. To do this I signed up with the credit people and it has been a very positive experience overall.

  28. I am a 40 year old woman and have never owned her own house. I was constantly being denied by lenders for loans due to my bad credit. I had creditors calling me about past due accounts that were years old. I just felt that I could not get caught up. However, I had heard of credit repair companies and thought maybe one could help me. My neighbor recommended the credit people, so I called them. I was skeptical that the credit people could help with my situation. But my nerves were quickly put at ease during my first phone conversation with the credit people. They accessed my unique credit situation and laid out a plan that I could live with. They have relationships with many creditors and were able to make out a deal with a few of them to settle up the debt that I owed. I was really excited when I began to see my credit score improving rapidly. As I continued to make my payments every month I was more and more proud of the fact that I was making progress without having to declare bankruptcy. My proudest moment thus far was when I was finally approved for the home of dreams.

  29. I love Credit People’s customer service. I never hesitated to call when I had a question. Everyone I talked to was knowledgeable and courteous. I never had to wait for long to speak to someone either.

    • Even if you have the best of intentions, you can’t always keep your credit where it should be. If you need help getting your score up, call The Credit People. They are great to work with and have done wonders for me.

  30. There are few things in life more stressful than debt. I would know. I had more than the average amount of debt for an American. I thought I couldn’t afford to pay it off, so I just ignored it. To stop the creditors from calling me I unplugged my phone when I got home from work. My wife was the one who contacted Credit People. She called them while we were in the same room, and put them on speaker phone so they could talk to both of us. Thank you so much for putting me at ease about my situation.

  31. Awesome. Just awesome. Professional, courteous, just nice. I feel so stupid about this stuff and they really helped me through that and actually taught me some things I can use in my future. Highly recommended.

  32. I actually didn’t know that credit repair was a real thing, but I was wrong. These guys know what they are doing and my stress level is way down. Thank you TheCreditPeople so much for giving me my life back.

  33. I didn’t know where to turn and I found The Credit People. Not only did they take care of my debt, but they helped repair my credit and I can now afford to get the house of my dreams. They are the real deal.

    • Credit card can be an immensely stressful thing. But you don’t have to go through it alone. There are companies out there like Credit Assistance Network who really work for you to help you get back on your feet. Give them a call, they want you to succeed!

  34. The Credit People helped me get my credit back into good standing. Now I have the ability to get a better car and I have more money. I can’t thank them enough for making my debt go away.

  35. I have had bad credit and when I got a hold of The Credit People I thought I’d hear what I hear from all the others. They took my credit and it went from bad to rad. I have good credit and no debt thanks to The Credit People.

  36. My dad warned me before I left for college that he’d pay for my college, but that any other expenses I racked up were my own. Then everywhere I turned there was someone willing to give me credit. When my roommates went on a Ski trip, I went too. And my girlfriend was pretty great, so I payed for her too. And, then, I bought a tablet. And cool new shoes. Anytime I was short money, I wasn’t short of credit cards. I want to start out my life after college without a ton of dept, so I went to The Credit People and they helped me find a way to pay them off.

    • I wanted to help my sister out with a cash gift, but my paycheck just doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. So I found The Credit People, filled out their forms, and got an advance in less than 24 hours. Quick and easy!

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